The West Coast is blooming

by Aug 7, 2019

It is that magical time of year when the fields and sidewalks all over  Paternoster burst into a beautiful display of flowers. The intensity and brevity makes the West Coast Flower season all the more special.

The intensity and length of the flower season is determined strongly by rainfall and last year was not a good year due to the drought experienced in the region. Thankfully this year the rains came and we are in for a bumper season.

Paternoster is a great starting point for your flower safari. It is central and convenient to some nearby Flower Hotspots – Velddrif, Hopefield, Jacobsbaai, Langebaan and the West Coast National Park are all within a 40km radius and there are plenty of lovely viewing spots.

In Paternoster don’t miss the pretty local ‘flower spots’ like the Pelgrimsrust plots, Bekbaai between houses and in Cape Columbine Nature Reserve.

Some important things to remember;

*Sunny days are best as many of the flowers don’t open in overcast weather so keep an eye on the weather forecast when planning your trip

*Flowers are best viewed between 11am and 3pm and the temperature should be at least 18˚C

*The flower ‘faces’ turn to the sun so for photos and viewing make sure facing away from the sun.

*Please keep to paths and just leave your footprints behind. The flowers should not be picked.

*It is spring so many animals come out of hibernation like tortoises and hares. Please drive cautiously.

*Book accommodation & restaurants in advance as it is a popular time of the year.

* Stop and ask friendly locals for the best spots along your route.

*Contact the West Coast Flower Line for more information 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week +27637246203.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful West Coast   ҉


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