Or as we locals like to call it the SECRET SEASON…

This week we have really started feeling the change of season and last night we had our first proper winter rainfall where you could actually hear it banging down on the roof. The rain is a blessing with the Western Cape water crisis and a sure signal that the time has come to stock pile firewood, wine and cosy socks!


For me this time of year is just the best on the West Coast and many locals agree…we have mild days and then chilly nights perfect for a good book and mug of hot chocolate or fun game evenings in with friends. We have the best sunsets and sunrises of the year with pinks, peach and gold stretching across the sky.  The moisture and fog evoke an almost fairy-tale softness that beautifies what can be rather stark, dry and harsh in the summer. Slowly, as the strand-veld and farm lands drink up the precious water, the habitat transforms to green and provides the most abundant gift of wild flowers in spring that lasts just an instant but is all the more precious for its brevity. This all happens underground in these hibernating winter months and to me it is magical.

As the crazy summer wind dies down and the rates drop to Low Season it is truly a wonderful time of year to visit Paternoster, some may say, the Best.


In other GREAT news the wonderfully talented artists living & working in Paternoster have created a Paternoster Art Route. This will enable guests to walk the set-out route through our picturesque village, visit studios, galleries and meet the artists personally. To learn more and keep an eye on events and happenings please follow the Facebook page fb.me/artinpaternoster


Stay warm and we hope to see you soon!

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  1. Linda

    Wish I was there! Missing Paternoster and all that comes with it.


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